WWF and the Preservation of Nature & Wildlife

Happy Friday Everyone!

So today my post is going to be really short since I will be leaving for Wayne, Nebraska soon to play rugby all weekend and wont have any time or internet connection to post anything (first tournament of the season! AHHH wish us luck!).

For today I want to briefly talk a little more about what WWF has to offer, ways you can help preserve nature/wildlife and list some fun things you can do during Earth Hour tomorrow night. So lets get started!


First things first, all basic information on WWF and what they are about is on their webpage (link below). For 50 years WWF has been protecting the future of nature and its wildlife. Their mission is “to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth” while their ultimate vision is “to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.” They work globally with all sorts of subject matter relating to nature and wildlife on different levels. Some of the subjects they work with are: Climate, Food, Forests, Fresh Water, Oceans, Wildlife Conservation, Science, Influencing Policy, Transforming Businesses and much more.


If you want to be apart of WWF or help in any way there are a couple of options you can choose from. Mainly you can become a member, donate money and/or “adopt” a species of animal that needs help. You can also take action by signing petitions, stay informed by signing up for their newsletters or liking them on Facebook (and other social media sites), help fundraise, send Ecards to people and shop their store to support their actions. If you are interested in doing any of these I will include a link below to some of the direct pages you can go to or you can go to WWF’s webpage and click the “how to help” tab.


Now I am going to list some easy ways you can help preserve nature and wildlife. I will also include the links to the actual articles I got these from and other links to more options below.


Here are some things/actions you can do/take to protect wildlife:

  1. Protect Wildlife Habitat
  2. Join a Conservation Organization
  3. Reduce the threat of Invasive Species
  4. Recycle and reduce energy and goods consumption
  5. Minimize use of Herbicides and Pesticides
  6. Place decals on windows to deter bird collisions
  7. Slow down when driving to avoid hitting animals
  8. Voice your confers and get involved locally
  9. Change your career if this is really important to you
  10. Share your enthusiasm for wildlife and nature

Now here is a part of a very long list of things that you can do to preserve nature:

  1. If possible, choose more local, organic and seasonal food.
  2. Eat less but better quality meat.
  3. Buy only as much as you will eat.
  4. Reduce unnecessary packaging, bring your own reusable bags.
  5. Replace plastic whenever possible.
  6. Choose small businesses over big brands.
  7. Buy less in general.
  8. Turn of any lights and electronics when they are not being used.
  9. Let hair and clothes dry by themselves if possible.
  10. Set the washing mashine to lower temperatures.

If you want more information on these lists check out the links below. Overall, it is important that we start preserving and protecting our nature and wildlife now before it is too late. There are already noticeable changes in our world that could have been easily prevented. Lets not make things worse by continuing to do nothing. These quick and easy steps can go a long way in helping our planet.


Now last but not least do not forget tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. is Earth Hour! Turn off and unplug everything in your house (including electronics such as cellphones) to show your support of climate change action! Here are some fun things you can do during Earth Hour:

Earth-HourCelebrating Earth Hour 2010, Canada

  1. Have a candle-lit dinner
  2. Invite friends around for board games by candlelight
  3. Take a wildlife walk or go star-gazing
  4. Go for a nighttime city walk
  5. Go for a nighttime bike ride
  6. Try candle-lit yoga or exercise
  7. Have a unplugged jam session at home
  8. Read a bedtime story by candlelight or flashlight
  9. Do something “crafty” by candlelight: paint, mould, stick, knit, quilt, paint, etc.


Overall, I know some of these things are hard to do since it is so cold and due to our location but they are still good ideas. Maybe you can think of some better ones that are not listed. If you want more idea check out the links I have posted below.

So once again sorry this post is so short! If anyone is partaking in Earth Hour tomorrow let me know! I want to know what some of your plans for that “hour of darkness.” Also do not forget to go on WWF’s webpage and say you are partaking in Earth Hour! It will help them calculate how many people (and where they are from) took part in the event. However, if you are not going to actually partake in the event do not say you are on their webpage please, it will mess up the statistics.

Just remember let us be the solution, not the problem! Have a good weekend!

Activists-from-the-WWF-de-007Kaieteur Falls Rainforest, Guyanade5f3f74615bbe4a4eb864f981a931caLinks:

http://www.worldwildlife.org (WWF’s Website)

http://www.wwf.org.uk (WWF’s UK Website)

http://gifts.worldwildlife.org/gift-center/gifts/Species-Adoptions.aspx (A list of the endangered species you can “adopt”)

http://animals.about.com/od/wildlifeconservation/tp/helping_endangered_species.htm (A list of things you can do to protect wildlife)

http://www.endangered.org/10-easy-things-you-can-do-to-save-endangered-species/ (A list of things you can do to protect endangered species)

http://www.greenderella.com/thoughts/20-easy-ways-to-save-the-environment/ (A list of things yo can do to save the environment)

http://www.50waystohelp.com (A list of things you can do to help the planet)

https://support.worldwildlife.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&id=821&page=UserAction&_ga=1.252988041.1806992983.1427327499 (Earth Hour Signup Page)

http://inhabitat.com/9-fun-things-you-can-do-during-earth-hour-2012/ (A list of fun things to do during Earth Hour)

http://wwf.panda.org/how_you_can_help/campaign/earth_hour/10_things_to_do/ (Another list of things you can do during Earth Hour)



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    Note- thats not trying to be ratisc, thats trying to point out that Chris Tucker means nothing to 12 and 13 year olds. Jesus Christ, his last movie was PG-13 and came out 3 years ago and did shitty. Do the math.


  2. rebeccaklehr · March 29, 2015

    This is all really great information! It is very interesting to read about wildlife. I also enjoyed the tips for preserving nature, pictures, and actions to take to protect wildlife. Can’t wait to continue reading your blog!

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