Nature/Wildlife Milestones and Events for the Month of March

Once again I am going to apologize for not being very active on my blog this week just like last week. It seems that since getting back from spring break (or even during break) everything has just started to pile up and keeps building up which means the time and effort on my blog keeps getting cut shorter and shorter. So once again this week will be short posts but I promise they will be informational and interesting.

The theme for my blog this week is nature and wildlife. It is yet another passion of mine, not only to spend time in nature but to also protect it. I am a member of the WWF (no not the wrestling one that is WWE) a.k.a. World Wide Fund for Nature and even though I am too poor to actually give them money to help protect nature and the creatures in it I do like to try to spread the word about WWF as best as I can. One day I do hope to be able to give money monthly to help preserve nature and save endangered species and I even plan to “adopt” different animal spices to help get their numbers up. But for now I will just  help by spreading awareness of wildlife and nature preservation.


Today my blog is going to mainly focus on events and milestones that have been reached in march by the WWF, which is a lot more than normal I might add (in a good way). My Facebook wall can attest to this claim since it has been just covered in posts by WWF more than normal (it is just simply too exciting not to share). Today I am only going to list the top milestones and events on my blog. But I will give the links below if you would like to read more on certain topics or want to know what else is happening this week, this month or in the future.


Without further ado here are some of the top milestones and events that have happened around the world this month. Starting for the earliest to the latest.

March 3rd – Good news is reported on Asian wild cats. The Amur leopard population has more than doubled in 7 years, there are 30% more tigers in India and Amur tigers and cubs have been spotted in china. Also Nepal celebrated two years of zero poaching and agreed to launch a foundation with WWF to stop poaching in all of Asia for good.


March 13th – It has been confirmed that the panda population has grown nearly 17%. That is at least 268 more pandas in the wild compared to a decade ago! Some numbers from China’s Fourth National Giant Panda Survey showed that there is 1,864 estimated wild pandas which is a 16.8% increase in a decade and a 11.8% increase of giant lands geographic range since 2003. 


March 19th – there is a setback in the good news streak we were having. There was a record low sea ice maximum in the Arctic reported. The Arctic sea shrunk to its lowest winter extent record in history. The Arctic sea ice has thinned 65% since 1975.


March 21st – International Day of Forests. This is the day to recognize what is being done to our forests and what needs to be done to preserve them. I do not have any statistics on how much forest ground we have lost but I know it is up there in numbers. I have provided a link below that talks about FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products for our homes that can help preserve our forest land and the creatures that live in it. 


March 22nd – World Water Day. This is the day to recognize what is being done to our waters both fresh and salt. Besides the widespread of pollution that is happening in our lakes, rivers and oceans there is also being an over abundant amount of commercial fishing and dam building that is affecting the aquatic life in various ways. I have provided a link below that talks about Amazon river dolphins. They are one of the victims of unnecessary dam building in the Amazon, which is greatly affecting their species. 


March 28th – Earth Hour. At 8:30 p.m. this Saturday turn off and unplug everything in your home (including electronics such as cellphones) for an hour to show your commitment to climate change action. I have included a link below on Earth Hour and where you can sign up to say you are taking part in it. This year already 48,517 people have said they are going to take part in Earth Hour. It is a really fun thing to do especially with others. My family and I have done it in the past and we have found ourselves going for longer than an hour because you simply lose track of time.


In the end, even though WWF and the world has been having a really good month when it comes to milestones and events there is still a lot of work to be done. If you ever want to help preserve nature and wildlife but do not know where to start, just go to WWF’s homepage (I will include it in the links area). They have many different ways you can help or become informed on certain matters. Every single person that helps preserve nature and wildlife also helps mankind and the world we live in. Do not think your help or commitment does not help because it really does. If we all start helping (even if it is in small ways) we can make this world a better place not only for generations to come but also for the creatures that share this world with us. Lets not be the cause of the problem, but the solution!

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Links: (Article on Asian big cats) (Article on panda population) (Article on low sea ice records) (Article on FSC certified products that can help the forests) (Article on the Amazon river dolphins) (Article and sign up page for Earth Hour) (WWF’s homepage)


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