Intro to Graphic Design

For my second blog of the week I am going to talk a little more about the art of graphic design. I know that most of you probably know some information on graphic design so I am not going to go too in-depth about the general definition of it. I do want to start off by describing graphic design in a general sense though.

According to wikipedia “graphic design is the methodology of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image.” Graphic designers tend to use various methods to combine/make words, symbols and images that create visual representation of ideas/messages. Graphic designers can combine typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to makes a final product. Also graphic design can be used both for the design used to communicate (advertise) a product or the design on the product itself (label or logo). This is usually done primarily on a computer in some form to editing/designing software such as: Adobe Creative Cloud Apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, etc) or other computer software. There are some cases that can be done in hand but it is usually all done electronically.

Some common uses of graphic design include: logos and branding (identity), publications (magazines, newspapers, books, etc.), print advertisements (in publications), posters, billboards, website graphics/design and signs and product packaging. besides those uses graphic design can also be used for personal use and in other art related processes. It can be used in the creation of cartoons, digital paintings/drawings, mixed media work, photo work/editing, etc. You can pretty much use graphic design to help with any form of art, even with studio art (or at least with the design process of it).

With graphic design you can work in many different types of environments. you can be self-employed or you can work with an advertising agency/graphic design agency, marketing company, print/packaging company, photography studio, etc. A graphic designer can pretty much work anywhere that needs someone to design or edit something artistic/creative.

A graphic designer needs to be good with working alone and in groups and also have good people skills all around. You need to be able to take in-depth critiques and harsh comments about your designs. Graphic designers need to be able to listen to the client’s requests while also knowing what will work best for their product. One thing that I did not know that I really need to know is math and measurements. I’m not going to lie I went into graphic design/art to avoid as much math and science as possible and yet it is a big part of my major. I need to know what measurements will work for my deigns while also knowing what ink colors and other elements will work and not work with the final design layout.

Overall, graphic design can be overwhelming, time-consuming and even frustrating at some points but I would never change my major. I know that my hard work and dedication will pay off with the customer being satisfied with my designs and willing to come back for more orders. if does not happen right away then I will just have to keep improving my skills and knowledge of graphic design to better understand what my customers want so I can better serve them.

In the end, hopefully I was able to inform you guys a little more about graphic design (at least on a more personal level). There is much more to graphic design then what I have stated but if I were to go into more detail than this my blog post would be way long than it already is. So I will just leave you with an introduction to graphic design instead. If any of you have any questions about graphic design or the process of it I am always willing to answer questions. You can also visit these sites below to better understand what graphic design entails and see different forms of graphic design. (referenced in blog) (American Institute of Graphic Arts) (Graphic Design Examples) (Graphic Design Ads)


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  1. courtneyschneider · February 20, 2015

    I really like the way that your blog is set up; the header picture and the font really capture the reader’s eye! I took one graphic design course here on campus and it definitely challenged me, so I give credit to all of the creative minds out there who are graphic design majors! I think this industry, like you stated, can be extremely frustrating when dealing with different views between the customer and the designer, but overall the rewarding aspects of the job outweigh the frustrations.

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