Hello World!

Hello Everyone!

I’m Alex and I want to start off my blog by describing what my blog is going to be about. When I first thought about doing a blog I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. However, I decided that there is enough that goes on in my life (and in society) that can be entertaining and informative to the general public. I plan to change the general subject of my blog each week. Some weeks might include informative facts and information about certain topics, others might just simply be reviews, recipes and other things of that sort. Lets just say that the list can go on and on about what I could write about. I do plan to go off of my interests and hobbies while also trying to educate people who might not know a lot about certain subjects. I want it to be easy for people who might have insight (or questions) on topics to easily jump in on the conversation. I love to hear people’s input on things and to learn more about interests that I share with people. So feel free to comment on my posts! This is a judgment free zone (as far as I can help it). Just be warned I am an art major so things might get pretty crafty on here!


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